Monday 31 October

So for some reason I find myself on a ridiculously choppy boat, bearing down on Utila.  Utila and its fellow Bay Islands are known for one thing and one thing only; scuba diving.  Here I will dice with death and put my life on the line to see fish.

The boat over is actually known as “the vomit comet”.  That’s very reassuring.  It resembles something of a rollercoaster as it smashes over waves and leaves your stomach ten feet behind you each time.  Not for the fainthearted.  The smell of other people’s sick doesn’t do me any favours either, and it’s touch and go for much of the journey if I can keep the breakfast down.

After we reach land alive, we’re greeted by a whole host of dive centre staff all trying to get you to go to their business.  I had Altons picked out as it seemed to be the one with a younger crowd and a more lively atmosphere.  We rent rooms right on the sea front, and it really does have the potential to be a tropical paradise.

Not that it is today however.  Its pissing it down with rain, with a grey overcast sky and miserable locals looking like drowned rats.  After discussing our options, settling in and having some well deserved grub, its time to plan for Halloween tonight.  All I can manage is my kilt, but its still a great night as both residents, travellers and divers alike party very hard until sunrise.

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Sunday 30 October

Today we took a bus.  That is all.

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Saturday 29 October

Another lazy day for turning 32.  I don’t do much, except wander to the football fields to have a kick about, and then chill at the hostel for the evening.  My team manages to win the quiz night though, but the tequila drank at midnight really ruined me, so I take it a lot easier than in recent days.

We have decided to finally move on tomorrow.  I feel a slight sense of sadness at leaving this hostel.  I’ve met some lovely people here, and I’ve had a wonderful time.  It’s also been very safe and clean, as well as affording me my own space for a few days.  Tomorrow I return to sharing dorms with other people, and the relative luxury of the past week is no more.

Onwards to new adventures, challenges and dodgy showers.

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Burning the candle

Friday 28 October

Ok so this is getting a little silly now.  Last night was pretty crazy with yet more beer pong and party games, as well as a ridiculous amount to drink.  Consequently today is something of a write off.  I spend the day chilling out around the hostel.   It’s nice to have days like this, and I have really enjoyed my stay at D&D Bed & Breakfast.  It has been a home away from a home I don’t have.

I realise  my twin sister is technically turning a year older before me for the first time in our lives.  As it approaches midnight,  I’m informed that I will get a free shot of tequila if I jump into the pool.  Now although I despise tequila, it’s not a challenge I’m willing to turn down, and I launch myself in, clothes and all.  naturally I don’t get to bed until about 3am.

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Thursday 27 October

Sleep in for the first time in what feels like weeks.  Today we have nowhere to be and no ambulances to get there with.  The future is a little uncertain, save that for the next few hours I’m going to be sleeping.

I rise late, just in time to go tubing on the “frozen river” at the rear of the hostel.  It’s a beautiful day and a really enjoyable experience, gliding down the cool waters towards Lake Yojoa.  The river slows to a crawl as we reach the deeper depths, approaching the much warmer waters of the lake.  The mountains and blue, blue skies become the backdrop, our companions many species of birds, and it’s clear there are worse ways to spend an afternoon.  It’s a hard life.

I surprise myself by jumping 10ft off a bridge.  Murray persuades me to get out of the boat that’s picked us up on the lake, and step outside my comfort zone.  It’s higher than it looks from the water, but I bite the bullet and leap off.  As much as I can safely say i didn’t really enjoy it, I’m pleased I pushed myself and grew a pair of balls.

Murray leaves tomorrow, so we spend the evening playing drinking games, relaxing at the hostel and planning the road ahead.  We have made many new friends since being here and the welcome has been very warm.  I should think we will return when we do this all again next year.

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