Travel Writing

65 countries and counting, over 7 years continuous travel and a hitchhike from Germany to Cambodia. It was meant to be to India but I got tired. Travel writing is my specialty because I’ve most likely been there. If you want, you could pay me to go again, although I’m actually terrified of flying.

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Someone once asked me if ghostwriting was to do with writing about ghosts. While that does sound like a lot of fun, I’d much rather be penning your project and keeping it our little secret. Unless of course, your project is writing about ghosts, in which case it sounds like a laugh riot. And honestly, I won’t tell a living soul.

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Creative Writing

Poetry, stories, phrases, quizzes, love letters, erotic tales, ransom notes…I’ll turn my hand to anything you need. I’m particularly adept at captioning photographs with wit and wisdom. I’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that I  chose an energy-saving light bulb for the icon here. Looking for Stu is mother nature approved.

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Web Content

If you need someone to say something on your blog or website, let me do it for you. I can cover all your web content and copywriting needs with zest and gusto. My forte is spinning a cracking yarn or a catchy blurb with a dollop of panache to really make your content zing. Is anyone suddenly really hungry?

Tales From the Blog

Belgrade to Sofia – “The Balkan”

The very last train I boarded was from Belgrade to Sofia circa 2015. At the time I was trying to get over a girl called Sofia. I am now once again on a train to Sofia – only this time not trying to get over a girl – but rather trying to be in the …

Croatian Monuments – Anti-Fascist Weirdness and Rare Photos

It’s been a crazy few weeks and things aren’t settling yet. This is what we got up to on a weekend break in Croatia

Phobias, Anxieties and Broken Things

It’s an overcast day in Skradin, the charming Croatian town that serves the picture-perfect Krka national park. It is here that I will be shipping guests to and from, hopefully with more regularity now that the season appears to be picking up and the bad weather has finally got the message. More or less. I …

Zadar. We Meet Again…

Sometime in the late April of 2013, with the summer teasing its hedonistic promise just over the horizon, I crossed the border between Slovenia and Croatia. After a relatively brief but nonetheless indulgent experience in the capital of Zagreb, I was at a loss as to where to turn next. My hitchhike to India was …

New Year, New Website, New Me. Looking for Stu Continues!

Well now, this is all very unusual, isn’t it? Some might say absurd? What on earth am I doing writing this again? It has been well over a year since I last committed anything to this digital vellum, but I assure you, dearest readers, that Looking for Stu is still alive and kicking. Kind of. …

Faffing about, a Visit Home and the Next Chapter

I’ve decided to pull my finger out and write something instead of indulging in my seemingly endless talent of procrastination. What it genuinely boils down to is the fact that so much seems to have gone on in these last few months it begins to overwhelm, and so I swap the laptop glare and crumb-filled …

Return to Bangkok and Bishkek

It’s been a while since I’ve penned anything of late, so I thought it high time I tell the horrendous tale of the return to Bangkok and Bishkek. Eventually – if you bare with me -I will finally get up to date and bring you into my current world. Jump on in – the water …

Angkor Whatever

I was feeling like the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders. In the days following “the death wank” I’d be born again and made the life-changing decision to stop traveling. Six years is a long time, and my recent health debacle was the catalyst for serious reconsideration. In booking a flight – …