Allow me to introduce myself. For as long as I can remember I’ve gone by the moniker of Stuart Jameson. It’s a surname that has served me well, particularly when frequenting Irish bars. After the passing of both my parents a year apart, I quit my social care job, sold almost everything I owned and left to travel the world back in 2011.

Chancing it in Burger King.  Go on...pick me know you want to.




I started Looking For Stu as a way to document my adventures, which included a solo hitchhike from Germany to Cambodia. It was meant to be India, but somewhere along the way I got tired and simultaneously found what I was looking for.


Now I spend my days with my partner Alex and our little dog Margot who we rescued from a life of crime in Kyrgyzstan, while I attempt to ply my trade as a freelance writer. Feel free to peruse my extensive musings in the archives, or get in touch if you’d like me to spin you a yarn.

Thank you for visiting!

One last picture of Margot.  Now saved as my lock screen on my first ever smartphone