Who on earth am I?

Looking For Stu: Stuart JamesonHello.

My name is Stuart Jameson.

On the 27th March 2009 at 12 midday, my long term girlfriend dumped me by phone.  I never saw her again.

A year to the hour later, 27th March 2010, 12 midday, my dad passed away from prostate cancer.

One year on, 16th April, 2011, my mum died of a brain hemorrhage.  I gave her CPR but there was nothing anyone could have done.

A couple of weeks after, I had to make the decision to put our family dog down.  I then booked a one-way ticket to San Francisco on the 28th September 2011 and I’ve not been home since.

My current mission is to hitchhike to India for Macmillan Cancer Support;  a wonderful charity who became the angels on our shoulders throughout my parents’ twilight years.  If you feel that way inclined, details of how to sponsor me can be found here:


When I travel, things go wrong.  I decided to write about things going wrong in the hope that things will go right.  Since the passing of my wonderful parents, Peter and Myra Jameson, I left my UK home to seek my fortune around the globe.  I will be writing for as long as I am on the road; a total exposé, no punches pulled, open and honest account of one man’s search for life, love and happiness.





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